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Relocation of the “Joe Bibich” Veterans Service Office

For immediate release:

The Vietnam Veterans of America, Mohave County Chapter 975 are announcing the relocation of the “Joe Bibich” Veterans Service Office from Golden Valley to 220 N. 1st St., Kingman, AZ 86401. (near Locomotive Park)

The Kingman office will be fully open for business on Monday, December 4th.

Services are available to all veterans include assistance with claims, benefits and a Vet Center that works with combat veterans and spousal support.

There is never any cost to veterans and their families using these resources. Contact information for the VSO office is 928-377-1101 and The Vet Center can be reached called at 928-565-7785. Please leave a message if no one answers right away and we will contact you as soon as possible. Appointments are always recommended but walk-ins are also welcome.

All veterans and family members are invited to an “Open House” on Friday, December 8th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Sue Bibich will be there to join in this event. For more information about this valuable resource please contact Pat Farrell at

Pat Farrell, President

Vietnam Veterans of America, Mohave County Chapter 975

PO Box 184
Kingman, AZ 86402




Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Inductees

Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame

c/o unified arizona veterans

p.o. box 34338

Phoenix, AZ 85067

(602) 799-9480 Cell

The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame to Induct

A New Class of 24 Veterans in Ceremonies

on October 27, 2017

For Immediate Release: August 21, 2017

Points of Contact: Carol Culbertson, Secretary, Unified Arizona Veterans,, 602.799.9480 cell; or Reggie Yates, Chair, Unified Arizona Veterans,, 602.373.0703 cell.

The annual Induction Ceremony of the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame will take place on Friday, October 27th, from 11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Talking Stick Resort Conference Center, 9800 E. Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85256. Doors open at 11:00 a.m.  The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame is sponsored and administered by the Unified Arizona Veterans, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona,  The Induction Ceremony recognizes and honors Arizona veterans who have honorably served their country and who continue to serve and inspire their fellow American citizens with civic deeds and accomplishments outside their military service, including Arizona Medal of Honor Recipients recognized for valor in action against enemy forces in wartime. The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame is recognized by the Governor of Arizona and the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services, and supported by the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society.  This will be the 17th class of veterans inducted since the inception of the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame in 2001.

This year’s Induction Ceremony will recognize the Class of 2017:

Jose L. Baeza, Hereford, Marine Corps veteran

Harry H. Bailey, Jr., Phoenix, Air Force veteran

Harvey A. Bershader, Sedona, Army veteran

Harry E. Bowen, Sr., Sierra Vista, Army veteran

John L. Chase, Scottsdale, Navy veteran

Eugene C. Crego, Mesa, Marine Corps veteran

Helene F. Culin, Sun City, Army veteran

Robert Dalpe, Chandler, Air Force veteran

Mark Field, Surprise, Navy veteran

John B. Fontana, Scottsdale, Navy veteran

John H. Fuller, Jr., Mesa, Air Force veteran

Kevin W. Haegele, Phoenix, Navy veteran

Anthony Irby, El Mirage, Army veteran

Andrew R. Jones, Chandler, Marine Corps veteran

Mitchell D.K. Kalauli II, Lake Havasu City, Army veteran

Christine M. Mahon, Phoenix, Army veteran

Brian S. Mancini, Surprise, Army veteran, posthumous

Darrell D. Mandrell, Chandler, Army veteran

Edmund L. Mangan III, Phoenix, Air Force veteran

Roy A. McClymonds, Mesa, Air Force veteran

Donald L. Price, Sierra Vista, Marine Corps veteran

Michael W. Roberts, Sierra Vista, Army veteran

Allen F. Rossow, Sierra Vista, Army veteran

Lewis E. Wood, Sr., Glendale, Army veteran

Veterans, military, and the public are invited to the Induction Ceremony, which includes lunch.  The lunch entrée is Herb Roasted Chicken. Special dietary needs such as requests for vegetarian meals will be accommodated.

Registration Information: Registration information is now available at the Unified Arizona Veterans website, Please download/print the Registration Form, fill it out, and mail the Registration Form and your check or money order payable to “UAV” to: UAV, P.O. Box 34338, Phoenix, AZ 85067, Attn: Treasurer.

The “Early Bird” cost is $55 per person until September 30, 2017. From October 1st to October 13th, the lunch cost changes to $65. Registrations with payment must be received in the UAV post office box by September 30th, and October 13th, respectively.


Veterans and the public who do not have access to the Registration form on the website, please contact Carol Culbertson, Secretary, telephone 602.799.9480 cell, to have the form mailed to you.  The final Registration due date is October 13, 2017.  Only registered guests will be allowed to attend the Induction Ceremony and lunch. All lunches are pre-paid; lunches will not be sold at the

Induction Ceremony event.  For general information about the Induction Ceremony and luncheon, please contact Carol Culbertson, Secretary, Unified Arizona Veterans, at email:, telephone 602.799.9480 cell; or Reggie Yates, Chair, Unified Arizona Veterans, at email:, telephone 602.373.0703 cell.


August 14, 2017                    No. 17-41
Mokie Porter  

Vietnam Veterans of America Condemns Neo-Nazis

(Washington, DC) – Vietnam Veterans of America vociferously condemns neo-nazis, white supremacists, and wanna-be KKKers, whose violent, anti-American tendencies resulted in the death of Ms. Heather Heyer, who was exercising her legitimate Constitutional rights to free speech. It also resulted in the death of Trooper Berke M. M. Bates and Lt. H. Jay Cullen, Virginia State Troopers, who were trying to protect everyone’s rights.

“Our parents did not sacrifice during World War II to defeat Nazism in Europe, only to have it return on our shores. When so-called protesters show up in helmets and flack jackets, carrying shields and clubs, they clearly are not planning to peacefully exercise their rights. They are trying to intimidate America, and their bigoted ideology must be resisted by all true patriots,”  said John Rowan, VVA National President.

“If there are any VVA members who harbor any of these bigoted ideologies, they are encouraged to turn in their membership cards. We did not don the uniform and serve our country to enable the acceptance of intolerance,” said Rowan.

VVA Applauds Roe, Walz, Veterans Community for Support of Forever GI Bill


Vietnam Veterans of America

IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 13, 2017  No. 17-26Contact: Mokie Porter301-996-0901; 301-585-4000, Ext. 146VVA Applauds Roe, Walz, Veterans Community for Support of Forever GI Bill (Washington, DC) –“The Forever GI bill will make the GI Bill a lifetime benefit, so that veterans can go to school when it’s right for them — not when the government tells them to,” said John Rowan, President of Vietnam Veterans of America. “Vietnam Veterans of America has long advocated for improvements to the GI Bill to allow veterans greater flexibility in accessing their educational and vocational benefits. We are glad that veterans will no longer be forfeiting their educational benefits because their timing didn’t fit the government’s random guidelines.” The removal of the arbitrary, 15-year time limit will benefit veterans on two ends of the employment continuum: ·

In many cases, veterans are unable to use the GI Bill because health and family have to be their main priorities when they transition out of the service. ·

For others, a successful transition may mean beginning a career as soon as they leave the service. However, if unforeseen economic and technological changes end that career, a veteran would under current rules have lost their eligibility to retrain under the GI Bill. “We are thankful to Chairman Roe, Ranking Member Walz, and the members of the ‘Forever GI Bill Coalition’ for fighting with us to ensure that future veterans have an improved, lifetime GI Bill,” said Rowan. “We will continue to fight for those left ineligible for the GI Bill benefits due to unfair administrative discharges.” Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is the nation’s only congressionally chartered veterans service organization dedicated to the needs of Vietnam-era veterans and their families.  VVA’s founding principle is “Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”


Vietnam Veterans give therapy rides to fellow Vets in 1968 Huey Helicopter

On the tarmac at the Bud Field Aviation Hanger, there’s a sound familiar to all Vietnam Combat  Veterans. The deep, loud ‘thud, thud, thud’ of a Huey helicopter. This distinct sound meant supplies, medic rescue, and most importantly, that they were going home.

Source: Vietnam Veterans give therapy rides to fellow Vets in 1968 Huey Helicopter