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Serving Vietnam Veterans in Arizona


Membership is open to U.S. armed forces veterans who served on active duty (for other than training purposes) in the Republic of Vietnam between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975, or in any duty location between August 5. 1964 and May 7, 1975.

Founded in 1978, Vietnam Veterans of America is the only national Vietnam veterans organization congressionally chartered and exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families. VVA is organized as a not-for-profit corporation and is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Service Code

VVA’s goals are to promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, to create a new identity for this generation of veterans, and to change public perception of Vietnam veterans.

Joining is easy. Click on this link to print an application: VVA Application. You may wish to enter one of the state’s chapters numbers in your application or join at large. Be sure to include a copy of you DD214 and mail to the address on the application.

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